Bridges to Peace

This timely initiative is an interdenominational and multi-ethnic Christian faith-based response to successfully address the relevant issues and challenges of Ferguson, Greater St. Louis and similar regions in the Urban World.

Responders and participants in this Call to Action collaboratively engage as change agents of Jesus Christ with practical strategies and proven solutions that guarantee the highest and best quality of life possible.  This unique alliance accomplishes its mission through:

Regional Prayer Summits

Quarterly and bi-monthly gatherings of Christian interdenominational and multi-ethnic believer-disciples of Jesus Christ repenting, petitioning and interceding before God Almighty for forgiveness, grace, healing and divine help for residents, citizens, business owners, etc., living and / or working in Ferguson, Greater St. Louis and the Urban World. Prayer will also be perpetually offered to God requesting wisdom and divine aid for the multi-generational fulfillment of the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. 

Reconciliation Forums

Quarterly and periodic voluntary engagement in transparent, honest, frank, civil and Godly dialogue and the implementation of plans of action to confront, overcome and resolve destructive views, values, convictions, preferences and practices (like racism, sexism, age-ism, etc.) which divide the Lord’s Church, misrepresent Jesus Christ, defame God’s creation and hinder the fulfillment of the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.

Marriage & Family Development

Weekly, monthly and quarterly services that will help to introduce, rebuild, restore and/or enhance the divine sanctity of life, the discovery of personal and relational identity, purpose and destiny. Navigation into the discovery and the fulfillment of these through seminars, personal and group counseling, youth athletic programs, pro-life services and biblical marriage and family training.  

Joint Community Service, Advocacy & Development

Monthly Christian faith-based interdenominational and multi-ethnic efforts to serve immigrants, the under-resourced, poverty stricken residents living in economically devastated and financially trapped zones of Ferguson, Greater St. Louis and other parts of the Urban World. [includes counsel and representation for legal, financial, housing, healthcare, jobs, etc.]  

Regional Law Clinics

Quarterly urban community forums addressing and providing best practice solutions for dealing with legal, judicial, governance, citizen and law enforcement rights and issues which threaten to denigrate, deteriorate, debilitate or devastate the highest quality of life for the residents, citizens, business owners, etc. living and/or working in Ferguson, Greater St. Louis and the Urban World. [topics include voter registration, voter education, candidate evaluations, platform reviews, etc.]

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*Bridges to Peace is currently being administrated under the auspices of The Urban Regents Coalition (an auxillary of MAI).