Community Urban Renewal Enterprises [C.U.R.E.]
This auxilliary comprises various and vital personal and community assistance departments with their related programs and services leading to the fulfillment of the MAI vision and mission.

Educational & Leadership Development
Through this auxilliary, MAI provides various inspiring workshops, easy-to-understand classes, practical training sessions and higher education scholarships which will motivate the student to embrace the development and application of essential personal character traits, various interpersonal relationship skills and dynamic leadership abilities necessary for the vibrant health and well-being of any and all urban communities.

Metro Arts & Productions [M.A.P.]
This auxilliary provides audio and visual services and products designed and produced to accomplish MAI's vision and mission.

Urban Regents Coalition [U.R.C.]
This auxiliary is an interdenominational alliance of Christian professionals and others who serve as leaders and associates in their respective fields and as emissaries of the Lord Jesus Christ in the strategic sectors of the infrastructure of urban/metropolitan regions of the world. URC is an auxiliary branch of Metro Associates, Inc. Through it MAI personnel and guests educate, inform and host community forums, conducts research, deliberate its findings and facilitate pertinent activities dealing with public policy issues which positively and negatively influence and affect the health and well-being of those living, working, recreating and/or visiting in the urban world context.

USA / International
Through this auxilliary MAI personnel is deployed to engage in various non-denominational, denominational and interdenominational church and para-church initiatives, campaigns, ministries, activities and developmental consultations which assist with the mutual fulfillment of related purposes in God concerning likeminded leadership, congregations, constituents and the MAI vision and mission.

Businesses United in Leadership & Development [B.U.I.L.D.]
This is a forthcoming auxilliary of christian business owners who will provide expertise, training, networking, and community and economic development ventures along with substantial and generous financial capital to assist in the fulfillment of the Urban World Expedition and the visions and missions of MAI and MCWC of St. Louis.

Arts Ministry Guild [M.A.I.]
This budding auxilliary of various worship and evangelistic artists, writers, actors, dancers, choreographers, production technicians, various other support personnel, etc. are committed to and engaged in various endeavors and enterprises assist with the fulfillment of the vision and mission of MAI.