About Us


The Urban World Expedition

The Urban World Expedition is the over-arching vision and purpose of MAI during the 21st Century and beyond. This vision is jointly shared and pursued with the Metropolitan Christian Worship Center of St. Louis (MCWC) congregation and others. Since its inception in  December 1978, MAI exists to provide relevant, practical service  and excellent leadership that will result in the healthy improvement of the quality of life for all who live, work or visit the Urban World. Even more important,  MAI hopes to help foster and maintain a receptive and viable environment for the fulfillment of God's desires in the people of the Urban World.


Community Transformation in the Urban World

Through the Urban World Expedition, MAI's role is to provide impeccable servant-leadership and  skillful, Christ-honoring involvement with her partners leading to and resulting in healthy community transformation in strategic sectors of the urban world.

Mission Strategy:

Community Transformation through Comprehensive Investment, Personal Involvement & Total Improvement

Community Transformation is certain through Comprehensive Investment, Personal Involvement  and Total Improvement in the following strategic areas: 

  • Personal Regeneration & Development 
  • Interpersonal Relations 
  • Community Service & Neighborhood Investment
  • Social Advocacy  
  • Economic Development